SOL 22 #30 At the end of a not very good day

Grouchy, grumpy, ill-tempered, hot
impatient, irritable, sour a lot
resentful, cranky, dissatisfied, pouty
angry, mad, exhausted, shouty

Need better words for tired:
weary, exhausted, weakened, worn
reduced, at half mast, almost gone, shorn

The causes run deep 
the constant cost of "no"
of insisting on order, for here and to go

Holding my ground but
stealing my joy
Not sure how much longer the show can go on.


8 thoughts on “SOL 22 #30 At the end of a not very good day

  1. Ooh, shorn is a powerful synonym for tired. Shorn evokes something physically cut down or taken away, which I can feel physically and emotionally (and even spiritually, sometimes). I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way–although I appreciate that you wrote this poem today.

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  2. Ooh don’t forget crabby and cantankerous…

    Actually, my favorite part of this poem is the “insisting on order, for here or to go.” The multiple meanings of those words. They GOT me. ❤

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