SOL 22 #27 Spine Compositions

Ghost Work Automating Inequality;
Liquidated Status.
Book spines stacked horizontally with titles from top to bottom: Ghost Work, Automating Inequality, Liquidated, Status.
Predictably Irrational Entitled
Stupid White Men
Look Both Ways;
Having And Being Had
Book spines stacked horizontally. Titles read from top to bottom: Predictably Irrational, Entitled, Stupid White Med, Look Both Ways, Having and Being Had.
Ask Me How We Show Up Under Pressure.
It Won't Be Easy.

We Got This Radical Hope:
Being The Change.
Start Here, Start Now.
Book spines stacked horizontally. titles read from top to bottom: How We Show Up, Under Pressure, It Won't Be Easy.  We got This, Radical Hope, Being The Change, Start Here, Start Now.
What To Expect When You're Expecting
Thick, Eloquent Rage - 
Do The F*cking Work.
Book spines stacked horizontally. Titles read from top to bottom: What To Expect When Expecting, Thick, Eloquent Rage, Do the F*cking Work.
Becoming The Bitch In The House
When And Where I Enter.
Book spines stacked horizontally. Titles read from top to bottom: Becoming, The Bitch In The House, When and Where I Enter.

15 thoughts on “SOL 22 #27 Spine Compositions

  1. These are pointed, punchy, wonderful! It’s so hard to stop at just one book spine poem. I have a plan to go book browsing during this week of my spring break and make some book spine poems while I’m at the bookstore–if I can figure out how to do it without making chaos lol.

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    1. Oh that sounds bold and fun! In a bookstore! I’m thinking that would make for a great short story about a reader-poet who goes viral for spine poems left anonymously in local bookstores! Like Bansky but with books! Can you see it?

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  2. What a great collection of books and Spine Poems. I think you can tell so much by what is housed on someone’s shelf!


  3. These are remarkable. I like the Ask Me poem and of course the last one. That must have been a fun discovery. I’m curious about your process. Do you pull a whole bunch and then play with the combinations, or do you start with one and compose in your head while you scan your shelf? The latter would give me a back ache, I think. This may be something I should try.

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    1. I highly recommend it! I scanned first and considered interesting pairings, pulled those and was then surprised to discover combinations I would not have otherwise seen. So much fun to play with my books this way!

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  4. As I scrolled up from the comments to reread your poems, I caught the title of your last slice, “Layer upon Layer”, and it struck me that that’s an apt description of these poems as well. Each set of spines stands well on its own, but layered together they are even more powerful.

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  5. See? It’s amazing book spine poetry like this that makes me think…WHOA. Maybe I should try this. And I also think…WHOA. This person is a whole lot better at this, I think, than I might be. What I really loved was your use of the turned-around book to indicate a dash or a stanza break. I never would have thought of that. Beautiful!

    Also? It may be irreverent of me, but the Michelle Obama one was my favorite.

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