SOL 22 #25 Wish vs. Reality Balance Sheet

long uninterrupted sleep, awakening to soft daylight and chirping birdsFitful slumber but functional alarm allows for a timely wake-up.
Tasty leftovers from night before stored in an airtight container easily retrieved from the fridge and placed in lunch bag. Oh, happy anticipation!No leftovers, no creativity, no desire to make something out of nothing. Will buy sandwich at school cafeteria. It’s fine.
All students are caught under a spell of unshakable friendly attention which enables us to complete all the planned activities with joy and incredibly smooth transitions. Everybody knows it’s Friday and we still have so many miles to go before we sleep. Under the circumstances it’s a small miracle that we get as much done as we do. Give self several pats on the back.
The laundry, shopping and housecleaning have all been mysteriously completed by the time I get home on Friday evening. I enjoy the weekend lounging and enjoying a spectacularly tidy and well stocked household.The dishwasher ran while we were at school, so clean dishes. Yay! Weekends are for catching up with laundry and hey, the rest? As usual I will engage in bursts and flashes of cleaning activities and otherwise observe the connective properties of dust at various heights and prepare to vacuum next weekend.
A relaxed Friday evening with nice music and my feet up, a couple of friends and great conversation.Dinner in town with friends after dropping off the teen. Looking forward to the company, feeling a little hesitant given the recent surge in COVID numbers.
An open weekendA mostly open weekend with almost no fixed plans.
A clever slice to finish the week.One more table slice to toss on the heap. Still, in slices I’m 25 for 25 so far. Yay me!

9 thoughts on “SOL 22 #25 Wish vs. Reality Balance Sheet

  1. I just looked over my shoulder to be sure you weren’t looking in on my life. Except for the teen, this is pretty much my average weekend. May more of our wishes become our reality soon.

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  2. Sometimes just sitting down and getting some writing done is enough.
    I did enjoy reading your balance sheet. I just ate leftover lasagna from Wednesday night for lunch. It was yummy. Maybe you’ll make a lasagne or some other casserole that’s comforting so you can reheat it at lunchtime next week.
    Enjoy your unstructured weekend. That sounds wonderful!

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  3. On Friday all I want to is to come home to a dinner someone else made for me! Usually on Friday night I start to do my weekend cleaning so I won’t have as much to do on Saturday, but tonight I am much too tired!

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  4. No, I’d definitely call this a clever slice! I think you might have crawled in my mind for this one, because this (dream and) reality is one I can relate to. I think the housecleaning one is my favorite. =))

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  5. I wonder whether the mysterious cleaning wish ever comes true for anyone. The reality is what it is, we do what we can, and then do some more. I think that sometimes switching a quiet Friday to a time out with friends is a welcome change.

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