SOL 22 #24 PE Survival Recipe (3rd grade edition)

  1. Begin with one basket of long beaded jump ropes, some of which will always be more or less tangled. Add at least 10 large colored hula hoops, 1 large bag of bouncy rubber playground balls.
  2. Pick up one bluetooth speaker, fully charged plus 2 iPads, each sufficiently charged for the occasion.
  3. Collect rambunctious group of 8 and 9 year olds and walk them from the meeting point to the gym. Explain the plan for going outside.
  4. Delegate equipment carriers in the group among several volunteers. You pick up speaker, plus jump rope basket with iPads. Students who choose may run out to the fun court. Those lugging equipment can take their time.
  5. With students, deposit all equipment inside fun court area. Usher the group back outside the fun court, assign them a one-lap jog around the soccer field. Watch them gain distance and take a few deep breaths and roll your shoulders.
  6. Instruct returning joggers/walkers to make all-gender groups for long jump rope practice. Do not assist them. Let them figure it out. They know how do it and it may be messy but they will get it done.
  7. Engage the music iPad, play “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” Listen to who sings along. Observe groups successfully devise their own jump rope challenges.
  8. Off-task behavior is a given. Redirect gently the first time. Use proximity as a reminder. If challenging behavior persists, let them have it. You’re outside. The winds will carry your complaint into the neighboring treetops. Students will also have forgotten your reprimand when game time rolls around in 15 minutes.
  9. Stop activity with the freeze signal (music off). Have students put jump ropes away neatly. (“Fold in half, then in quarters, then in eighths, then please put them back in the basket.”) Call group in by counting down 5 – 4 – 3 – 2- 1- 0. Place hands on hips and sigh loudly to indicate impatience with their ongoing chatter.
  10. (Do something with the hula hoops, bouncy balls and partners. Be creative. You brought that stuff out here, better at least use it. But also plan for bumpy transitions from one activity to the next. Sigh. )
  11. Say something like, “Friends, do we want to play this next game or not?”
  12. Do not wait for answers.
  13. Explain in under 42 seconds how to play “Touchdown” and designate two teams and send them to their respective starting lines. Confused children can ask their classmates. You’re starting the game in 1 – 2 – 3, Go!
  14. Teams run towards each other, there is some tagging and dodging. You either hear “Touchdown!” or “We got him/her/them!” The game is going well. Announce the upcoming conclusion: “Two more rounds!”
  15. It is time to pack up to go. Assign equipment hauling to different volunteers. Lead line back up driveway while playing “Surface Pressure,” for a moment you envision yourself the pied piper.
  16. When you turn around only half of the line is in immediate view. Correct this status by putting jump rope basket aside and calling loudly for the stragglers to hustle up. Place hands on hips to emphasize impatience with them behaving like children.
  17. Lead collected group up the stairs, through the playground (Hands off the monkey bars!) and back to their classroom. Masks on!
  18. You have completed one of five such sessions. You are on a roll. Good luck!

5 thoughts on “SOL 22 #24 PE Survival Recipe (3rd grade edition)

  1. As usual, I love how you closely observe and feel what is going around you. I always feel like I step right beside you while you teach. I was inspired by this, as I had no idea what to write about, so used your format in my slice today. Thank you!

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  2. This is so fun! You had me at ” one basket of long beaded jump ropes, some of which will always be more or less tangled.” –I love the tiny, precise details you include in your observations, and how they are both spot-on and hilarious! I also loved this line: “Place hands on hips to emphasize impatience with them behaving like children.” That’s such a powerful commentary on our expectations of students. Brilliant!!

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