SOL 22 #23 Task and Reward Game


Teen wakes 1/2hour earlier than usual. Move ahead 3 spaces.
You and teen are ready with time to spare. You sit, read, listen to R&B for 15 min, then leave. Advance 3 spaces.Free lunch due to PD afternoon! Move ahead 1 space.
You have two good books to read on your nightstand. You think about turning in before 10pm. Advance 1 space.Rescheduled dental appointment in middle of the day. Go back 2 spaces.
You improvise on subscription meal plan and make teen very happy. Advance to FINISH!Poor route choice to dentist’s. Arrive 10 minutes late.
Go back 1 space.
Only 1/2 day of teaching, you have a little more evening energy than usual.
Advance 2 spaces.
Back home, spend 30 minutes doomscrolling.
Go back 1 space.
Return to work: clean up storage area, catch up on SeeSaw postings, last to leave office. Advance 1 space.You and teen have zero cavities and are finished with 45 minutes of arrival. Advance 3 spaces.


7 thoughts on “SOL 22 #23 Task and Reward Game

  1. Ha! I love this! If only it weren’t so…darn…REAL. You know, I’ve often told colleagues that there should be a video game: you’re a teacher trying to get from point A to point B, but all these obstacles keep popping in your way. And…the chance to turn in early? FABULOUS way to finish this game!

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  2. Now you’re just showing off with this whole “cool ways to play with writing thing.” 😉 Seriously, though: so much of what you’re doing is making me think. I keep writing little narratives, but this playfulness of yours has my brain spinning. Hmm… Thanks for being willing to share in new ways.

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