SOL Tuesday Oh, The Nutrition Plan

A framework is what it is. A framework in which I can make choices. Three options for breakfast, three for lunch, three for dinner. Three meals, nothing more, nothing less. Low in carbs but not devoid of carbs. Plenty of protein, vegetables and some fruit. An apple every day but never in the evening. Tea at mealtimes or now even between meals. Coffee would be OK, if I drank it. No sweeteners, though. Adieu, sugar, honey, maple syrup, I knew you well. Rye bread, only, but it comes in a couple of forms, so there’s that. The crispy kind goes down well. Water, water, can hardly drink enough. Two liters a day, are you kidding? So many trips to the loo! I’m a teacher, did I tell you?

Anyway it gets easier, you develop habits, you get used to it, it feels almost normal. Five hours between meals, no snacks. At the beginning a haul, but then once you do sit down to finally eat, each meal becomes a veritable feast! I mean, the taste of that lunchtime apple! Or the first two bites of steak that precede the garlic-laced zucchini and pak choi! It’s impossible to miss out on the flavor of long awaited and perhaps hastily prepared food. There’s nothing like eating when you are little more than your appetite and anticipation.

Nutrition plan, not diet, not slimming program. Nutrition plan because it’s about taking in what the body needs and leaving out lots of other things. Yes, I miss snacking. Yes, I miss sweet things and noodles and croissants and an occasional beer. Those will come again. They will. For now, I am moving in a direction that says what I’m doing matters. My nutritionist pointed out that I’m taking time for myself. I’m placing my focus on myself for a bit. Yes, that’s true. I hadn’t seen it that way but that’s what’s happening. Each series of decisions that leads to each meal constitutes a set of parameters within which I agree to live for a while. Next week it will be almost a month. Not even the blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things. There are rules to follow, choices that are available, decisions to be made. Yes, my pants all fit now. The way I want them to. But in the end, it’s an exercise in control. It’s about having control, experiencing control. A nutrition plan. Yup. And a sense of control. I guess that’s what I was really hungry for.

12 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday Oh, The Nutrition Plan

  1. Such an interesting approach, this framework for nutrition vs. slimming and its great benefit. Also a lesson in how adaptable we really are. Congrats to you and yea for pants fitting so much better – self-care at work, for sure! We do have to remember that we CAN control some things; finding a way to feel better (whether physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or all of the above, holistically) is vitally important. We are able.

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  2. It does become a habit, and you may find that once you’re through this eating gauntlet, you hold on to any of the different eating habits. You listed exactly what I miss whenever I’m doing what my friend calls a “cleanse”!

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    1. Yes. The first 3 days are actually a cleanse and are either all veggies or whole grain rice for all 3 meals. That was a little tough but after that being able to enjoy more variety of textures and flavors I was much happier.


  3. Somehow I thought PE teachers never had to do this- how naive am I? Focusing on you is the right choice and, you are right, more choices will come. Your nutritional plan is one I aim for, but I should consult an expert to get personalized advice like you did, as I know we all have different needs.

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    1. I absolutely recommend working with a professional who listens and wants to know about your whole context not just your body data. That’s been important for me, being able to talk about the routines that help or get in the way of eating more of the right things at the right times. And yes, PE folks need to work on this stuff, too. 🙂


  4. I can relate! I was doing so well with my nutrition plan, but once I got off track it seems impossible to get back. I’m hoping the structure of school will help me restructure my eating too. I feel so much better. I like that you are de-emphasizing slimming down. It is about so much more than that!

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  5. This is always such a wrestling match, isn’t it? It’s a balancing act between exercising self-love while wanting better for ourselves. I think you’re right – how we frame our efforts really does shape our mindset as we go. Like you, I’ve been trying to think of recent changes as eating the way that supports my health and well-being. It’s always going to be a struggle for me, I think, but one that I hope gets easier. Best of luck to you, too!

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