SOL Tuesday Saying Some Things

I’ve been saying some things. Some are true. Some are wishes. Some are exhales. Some are just so damn necessary. I’ve been saying some things that keep me up at night, that make me wonder, fret, and suck my teeth. I’ve been saying some things I’ve been meaning to let out. I’ve been saying the things that might be hard to hear but I say it nicely in my white lady voice and it turns out okay. I’ve been saying some things that will tell you that I’m a little old and kinda tired and brave in a smoldering kind of way. I’ve been saying some things that matter. Not just to me but to other folks too. I’ve been saying some things and I guess I’ll just keep on.


8 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday Saying Some Things

  1. Please keep saying your things, and I’ll look forward to when you feel fine about saying them in your own voice without sucking your teeth. Some people need to hear. Some people should hear. And some people want to hear.

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  2. I read this last night and have been sitting with it. White voices are too dominant, too present, and I know the irony in writing this. Everyone needs to hear. All of what you say should be heard. And, yes, those are absolutes because we need to shift the narrative away from whiteness so no one has to feel the need to cater to this oppression. I wrote this alongside and it helped me think more deeply about this:


  3. The sucking of teeth. Yes. I think I will have a VERY clean dental visit when it’s time. As for your voice, I welcome it. Any time, any place. Maybe I don’t come out and say it often enough, but I am beyond grateful for you, for what you put into this world. Thank you.

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