SOL Tuesday C-Wishlist

I want candy and companionship, comfort,
carbs, and a night blooming cactus.
I want consensus and consent, conversational aptitude,
collegiality and choice.
I'd rather have commitment calling, covering
my dirty tracks. I want closure.
I wish coral reefs replaced coal; rivers flush
with catfish uncaught. I want coastlines that curve continuously.
I want cake by the ocean, I mean coke in the kitchen, I mean
I want a connection.
Who will give me certainty on a platter,
Completion on demand,
A casting of epic proportions to finally 
put me in the right film?
I need clarity. 
I crave coziness in chocolate and a Chianti nearby.
Bring me the cookout and cookies and cantaloupe cut fresh
Let me have a campfire on the cape, 
combined with calypso beats.
Consider how I sway, clasping
my coconut cocktail 
secure in the knowledge
I shall not be contained

5 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday C-Wishlist

  1. There is so much beauty in this, Sherri. Starting with wave after wave of coolness, of comfort, of creativity. And I just love the way you tuck in those gems right in the middle: “I need clarity.” “I want a connection.” You’ve given us so much rich imagery here, and you focus us in with heart and sincerity. I love it!

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