SOL Tuesday Time to say goodbye

The last day of summer vacation is here. Already I see my internal wheels shifting their settings from abundance to scarcity. I am thinking of what I’ll miss, of all that will change. Any advice columnist worth their salt would of course suggest that a reframing is needed. To focus not on the loss but on the gains that lie ahead, the many things to look forward to. Sure, I can do that but I’m more interested in honesty of the moment. Of telling the emotional truth, right now, as it stands. So I’ll say goodbye.

Farewell, sleeping in and brunching late.
So long, staying up til midnight without a care.
Adieu, long morning walks up into the woods followed by a cathartic easy jog back home.
Bye, bye, quiet days full of words to read or write or just breathe.
Catch you later, empty calendar.
Ciao, my do-nothing days.
Au revoir to the pace of one.
Goodbye, summer, it’s been great.

With that out of the way, I can safely turn towards the coming school year with the attention and peace of one who has known and enjoyed a period of genuine rest.

6 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday Time to say goodbye

  1. We seem to be in a similar spot. I join you in saying goodbye to the summer and all the good it held. Make sure to turn the summer mode on during the school year when you need it the most.

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  2. It sounds like your summer has given you some much-needed nourishment for your soul. You deserve nothing less. And, in the coming weeks, I look forward to the “hellos” you experience as well!

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