SOL Tuesday An example

I take the final strides of my mid-morning jog across the invisible finish line. I step into the drive next to my apartment building and bend over to catch my breath. I’m a sweaty mess but a slightly proud sweaty mess. An elderly gentleman with glasses approaches, chuckling. He asks a question in German I don’t quite catch. I ask him to repeat it.

“Laufen Sie Marathon?” (Do you run marathons?)

No, I answer. Once upon a time, but not now.

He tells me how he used to exercise – on gymnastic apparatus into his 60s and then regular stretching and running almost every day for years. He’s the secretary of a local gymnastics club.

Do you know how old I am? he asks with a big smile.

I say No as an invitation for him to reveal it to me.

86! he says with verve. Every day I do a little something. That’s the way I keep myself going.

You are an example worth following, I tell him. He seems pleased with this and begins his trek uphill.

I wonder to myself when I’ll reach that age that I’m eager to quiz people about how old I am. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll be in the same or better shape than my neighbor when the time comes.


8 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday An example

  1. Sherri – your writing is so clear; I see you bent over, sweating, catching your breath; I see the old man glowing with pride (as well he ought to); I also sense his interest in the world, in people, and his desire for conversation, and I love how you relay the dialogue without quotation marks that would slow it down. An organic interaction with layers of lessons and meaning for us all to ponder… beautifully rendered.

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  2. One can only hope that this will be us as we age – not only that we’ll be physically active, but also that we’ll take on and enjoy challenges of any kind throughout our lives. I can picture this whole story – you coming to the (blessed!) end of your run, this chance encounter with an amazing human being. It’s wonderful.

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