SOL Tuesday Random Thoughts

Eating strawberries before they go bad is a race we’re not always going to win.

Received recipes require a remarkable repository of receptacles.

Receptacles might muddle a spelling bee champ’s reputation.

6 word memoirs for inanimate objects:

Plumbing - flow following blockage, the great relief; 
Washing machine - knickers in a twist on purpose; 
CD Player - Ha, ha, ha! I still work! 
Hardwood floors - Dust, be not proud, I say! 

I read today that mess is morally neutral.

"Insert poetry" read the instructions.
Use special spacing.
Insert poetry.
Use more special spacing.
Insert poetry.
Specialize the spacing used.
Insert poetry.
       s p a c i n g is special.
Insert poetry.
Wow that was easy!

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