SOL Tuesday Trying stuff out


What the trees said on my last walk:

What the leaves on those trees whispered as I walked:

What the trail kept bringing up, step after step:

What the birds hiding in the branches called after me:

Chatty twigs, chuckling stones, throaty roots, insistent finches

I heard them but could not answer back.

Saved by the bell hooks

“In our society we make much of love and say little about fear.”

– bell hooks, All About Love, 2001. p. 93
Fear about little
say and love
of much
make we our society.

In society make of 
and little fear
about say love
much we,

Love society
fear little
make much and 
say our
In we of about

we about fear in society
our little love of much
We make little of love
say much in society
about our fear.

We fear love, society, in and about much, say little of our make.

Make society love much
in our fear little say of we

4 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday Trying stuff out

  1. Playing with words, trying things out: poetry is the best for that! 🙂 I loved the rich senses in “cacophony”, as well as the idea that nature was kind of calling to you or trying to get your attention. And the playful but heavy re-arranging of bell hooks’ words was really thought-provoking!

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  2. The way you play with bell hooks’ line really caught my attention. I went back and forth, looking at the patterns, thinking about the words. I’m wondering it this might be a really fun way to have students think about a quote – this word play, this nonsense, this fun all helped me see that line differently and better.
    I’m also grateful that you use this space to play. Sometimes (ahem), I think I take myself too seriously & need to play more in words.

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  3. First of all, I’m wondering. If you COULD answer the trees back…how would you? And…the saved by the bell hooks? I love me some clever word play. ; ) As for the stanzas in your poem, I think it’s beautiful what you’ve done with the word order – this sleight of hand that’s pure MAGIC.

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