SOL Tuesday April 6th Poems

Sometimes we walk the earth with more feelings than our bodies can contain. Some of us go ahead and write a poem or two to take the pressure off.

The lost lemons

I found the lemons, he wrote.
among the potatoes.

Lemons are tricky, I replied.
Bright yellow secrets
hiding under dull
dusty potatoes.


How you like your tears?
Singular and leaky, one pitiful drop 
after another;
Or maybe like a gush,
flash flooding your face and every
tissue you can find?

You keep them tears a secret
they'll divulge your business
some other time when you think
they are long gone.
Folks afraid of tears let loose
Tears can break things.

Ever think about how tear and tear
look alike but ain't the same
but could be related;
causal cousins sometimes
tears that tear,  
not hearts but facades.
the slow steady work of salty 
water damage.


8 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday April 6th Poems

  1. Your poem about the lemons resonated with me. I have a basket full of fruits and veggies that don’t get put in the fridge. This morning, I was looking for the lemons, which were hiding beneath the “dusty potatoes,” their pops of color came shining through.

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  2. As a big time chillona (crybaby) the tears poem resonated so deeply. I especially loved that last stanza about the relationship of tear and tear. Such a beautiful poems.


  3. Lemons and Tears are such an interesting pairing. The one poem on fruit mistaken for another root. This one is so enigmatic and full of possibility. The other forced me into reading and reading over and over again.
    These lines,
    “You keep them tears a secret
    they’ll divulge your business”

    Your poetry never fails to invite. Thank you for sharing these complex examinations of being.

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  4. I loved your poems, but I think I loved your introduction to them more! I have always turned to poetry when I “walk the earth with more feelings than [my body] can contain”! What a beautiful way to describe the emotional release that can come from writing a poem. There are so many lines that stand out from your poems that I could practically break down what I liked about every line, but I’ll refrain from doing that and just say that I loved each ending. Such power in so few words, just as poetry should be.

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  5. So many beautiful presents you’ve wrapped up here for us, Sherri. I love the “This is Just to Say” Williams-esque poem about the lemons. And the writing about tears – you’ve taken such time to craft your language and play with it. The causal cousins. Yes, both of these poems are a wonderful way to release some of the extra world-weight we often carry…

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