SOL March 30th Six-word Stream

son’s laundry mistaken for mom’s – cool.

whip smart, slow start, looks sharp

No one is in a hurry today.

Wowzers, let’s stretch this truth, yup.

just kidding you know I’m lost

Something different I said, not this.

There’s no measuring absence is there?

Home base is no good metaphor.

What’s missing is everything, not more.

“Imma leave the door open, girl…”

Wake up writing all through March

Tell me a sorrow you’re hiding.

I don’t meditate. It shows, yo.

Peace: someone’s idea of your silence.

Hold that thought. Hold it in.

Speak up now and risk alienation.

Alien nation merged is no accident.

Bright idea gets the parking lot.

Get to school already, future tardy!

Going, not gettin’, on my way.

Masked up, we enter the campus.

A school day, whatever that means.


10 thoughts on “SOL March 30th Six-word Stream

  1. This line connected with a conversation I had this morning. “Peace: someone’s idea of your silence.” We were talking about how passivity doesn’t necessarily equal peace. Sometimes peace means turning over the money changer’s tables, fighting the injustices.

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  2. Fascinating how your poems always beg to be read more than once and allow interpretation. For me, today, “What’s missing is everything, not more” creates the most tension.

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  3. I pulled out a piece of paper and wrote after I read this the first time. First I copied the lines that drew me in this morning – There’s no measuring absence is there? What’s missing is everything, not more. Tell me a sorrow you’re hiding. A school day, whatever that means. Then I saw connections everywhere and my brain started generating ideas and my heart swelled. Now I’m commenting & next I will write in response to this. Thank you, friend, for getting my brain and my heart moving day after day.

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  4. I really enjoyed this six-word stream of consciousness to craft this slice of life. This couldn’t have been easy, but WOW! I would love to try this in my own writing.

    I know it’s super early to ask this, but may I use this as a BE INSPIRED post for next March? I think it would be a fabulous inspiration for Slicers to try (but, alas, this year’s challenge is almost over). If that’d be okay, please email me at stacey[at] THANKS!

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  5. This one really hurts to read. The absence feels exponential, amplified, and then this line: “Peace: someone’s idea of your silence.” This is rich and complex and has such a layered story. Thank you for sharing this.

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  6. I found myself reading this over and over, and getting more out of it each time. You know, it’s hard enough to encapsulate a story with a six-word sentence, and you bring us this whole stream – this string of pearls that you’ve brought together with such craft and skill. Each one tells its own story on its own. Together, they shine. Thank you for this.

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  7. I’ll be pondering this today: “Peace: someone’s idea of your silence.”
    As someone who has used ‘peace’ as a blogging ending tagline so often I sort of forget the meaning of the word on the screen, your six words resonate and have me in slight pause. (that’s a good thing)

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