SOL March 29th Journal Junk Drawers

A preponderance of words

spilled spread

pressed onto page upon page

One hundred years of journals for a life half that long

To wit, a startling number of blank notebooks
traveling across time
from desktop to shelf to box in a cellar
only to re-emerge: a practical curiosity
what was it I wanted to say?

among these finds
also greeting cards unused
still waiting to say Happy Birthday
or Thank You
in mint condition with an uncertain future
stationary stationery - a memoir

Why is life like a junk drawer
stuffed full of minutiae?
my miscellany runneth over
keys, stamps, coins, love letters
antacids, business cards, memory stick
AAs, safety pins, expired warranties
erasers and pens, bank statements.

In the end, there will come 
The Great Disposal
Until such a time
journals will fill and be lost
journals will be bought and set aside
journals will be kept and leafed through
journals will be my junk drawers
for the duration.

5 thoughts on “SOL March 29th Journal Junk Drawers

  1. Ughh this is just so beautiful, the purposeful words choices and the imagery you evoke. It made me think of my own journal drawers, hidden in my childhood best friend’s room, so my family might never find those middle grade musings that works surely shock them…
    I really appreciate your writing, Sherri. Each word dangles like a gift.

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  2. I’m with Jess. It’s hard to part with the junk. I always seem to just move it around. And yes, each item has a story, even the stationary stationery. I also have a lot of that. This is a beautiful post, full of things so many people relate to and seeds of stories.

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  3. This is such a powerful post – you bring together nostalgia for memories, along with the melancholy of knowing that life is short, and bittersweet, and loaded with more than we can possibly hold in the “junk drawers” of our lives. So much to think about here. Thank you.


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