SOL March 23rd Step by Step

Step 1: Enter the kitchen, survey the landscape.

Wait, back up.

Step 1: wake up, get up. Pause.

Step 2: May vary. Enter a room with running water, satisfy most pressing bodily need.

Step 3: Look around, sigh.

Step 4: Make something in the kitchen or get dressed. Do half of both, maybe?

Step 23: Don’t forget to write that e-mail. And figure out how to get mail forwarded.

Step What? Never mind.

Step 5 – 10: Eat, drink, be merry! (Just kidding!) Eat, drink, interrupt self to make lunch for the guy who stays at home today. Cut vegetables you know will be ignored. Soothe your conscience. Carry on. How about some muesli?

Baby Steps: Laundry is for losers. Do it later. Congratulations! The dishwasher is full (drum roll, please) of clean dishes!

Step 12, 14, 16: Even if, even so, even Steven. Even steps sound easier, more doable. Pack my own lunch, collect laptop, make sure cell phone is in backpack.

Oops! Somewhere in those early steps: wake the son, cajole him to breakfast & shower in the order of his choosing.

Step 17: Brush teeth. Oh, my hair is already braided! Good for me!

Step 18: Shout: “Alright, have a good day, I’m on my way out! Eat those vegetables with lunch (ha, ha)! Love you, too!”

Step 19: On the way to the car, think of what I might have forgotten but actually doesn’t matter. It’s all fine, fine.

Step 20: Start the car, activate the garage door, Look at the time! Exit garage, drive to school. Breathe.

4 thoughts on “SOL March 23rd Step by Step

  1. What a fun format! I found myself getting mixed up in the whirl of your morning with you — where were we again?? And, I can totally relate! I love the voice throughout the piece — the self-congratulations, the laundry is for losers, the goodbye. Great slice!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was too fun! It made me laugh out loud, so for that, I thank you. It shows that writing doesn’t always have to be serious. Heck, does every aspect of life? It also leaves space for analysis and determining meaning – lots of inferring can happen here.
    I appreciate your flexibility as a writer!


  3. My morning routine is what gets me to work on time. Laundry is for losers! I often have to skip laundry in favour of getting out the door on time. The worst disruption is when my husband decides to help. Totally throws me off.

    I love how you’ve structured this piece of writing. 🙂

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