SOL 2021 Take 1

11 months since I last wrote here. That says everything and nothing.

I came home this afternoon and informed my teen: If we’re going skating, we need to go in a few minutes. He looked up from his tiny screen placed just a few centimeters beyond his plate full of crumbs. He was finishing off a piece of toast. Swear to god my child lives off toast, butter and baloney.

Let’s not go, he said. We’re moving and…

There’s just this week and next week and then it’s done, I said.

I know, but …

I can tell he’s weighing the pros and cons. And I’m doing the same. I could easily bag it, and say, let’s focus on moving but part of me still wants to go skating anyway. Just to say we did it, we were out, we took a mental break from moving.

I’m ready to give in, to stay home and hunker down with more logistical tasks. We’re up, milling around in the entrance thinking maybe no, but maybe yes.

I’ll go move the car. I’m parked illegally. I’ll just go move the car.

Alright let’s go.

Really? You want to go? Ok, then, let’s go.

We grab our jackets and the bag of skates and helmets and mittens and gloves and left. Final check of the pockets for the correct assortment of keys and IDs, we head downstairs, jump in the car. We’re on our way. We park and walk towards the U-Bahn. He starts to chatter. He’s full of questions and commentary and also wants to hold my hand. We haven’t seen each other all day. We arrive on the platform just before the next train is ready to leave. It’s about a 10 minute ride to the rink. Once we’re seated and settled, my teen goes quiet. Five stops in I look over and notice his eyelids becoming very heavy. He’s falling asleep!

I can hardly remember the last time I was able to witness my young boy nodding off. Today was my chance.

Of course he only had the benefit of a few short winks and then it was time to get out. For a moment I could forget all about moving and instead savor the joy of being moved.

21 thoughts on “SOL 2021 Take 1

  1. Aw – I know that feeling. Grab it before it’s gone. And especially the ability to watch them doze off – like we did so many times when they were babies. It’s a magical thing. Glad you guys decided to take that break, if only for that moment – and the subsequent slice!

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  2. So much beauty here. I can just see those eyelashes resting on the curve beneath the eye. I feel the peace of motion that can reside in special moments like sheer, perfect stillness. And moving, that made it into my post today, too…all-consuming, and then change, entering an unknown, even if it’s something you wanted—and hopefully this move is for you both. All the best.

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  3. I have enjoyed reading your pieces in the past, and I love this sweet piece. And your ending took me by surprise! Mostly I adore your last line, “For the moment I could forget all about moving and instead savor the joy of being moved.”

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  4. What a sweet moment. I often have the same debate with myself and my family. It is so easy to stay home. You had several sweet moments out of your adventure with your son. It is the small things, though, that move us.

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  5. Your first and last lines say it all. “11 months since I last wrote here. That says everything and nothing.” “For a moment I could forget all about moving and instead savor the joy of being moved.”

    Thank you for sharing this tender moment with your teen. I’m so happy to hear you both took a break. Welcome back!

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  6. Oh, his request to hold your hand and then you get to watch him fall asleep; the way you chose time together even when everything is in flux: this is what speaks to me in this post. I was a little worried you might not write here this month – you are so busy writing in other places & I knew you were moving; I am delighted that you are here again.

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  7. I really loved reading this tender and very loving moment between you and your son. I like the details — the tiny screen and plate of crumbs. I liked the imagery of a small child still very much inhabiting a growing boy.

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