SOL March 31st The Year of March

I’m leaning heavily towards avoidance on this, the final day of the Slice of Life Challenge. Why is that?

Could it be that I’m not quite ready for it all to end?

That I’m not quite ready to let go of this wonderful haven of support and camaraderie from one day to the next.

Just now when it feels like I’ve got my writing stamina back. I mean, I’ve been writing every day for a month now.  And I commented on at least 4 blogs every day. No kidding!

I completed the challenge, although it feels like the real challenge is just beginning.

Let me see if a poem can close this out.

The Year of March

That time when March was a whole year…remember

“the lost semester” we called it.

I was there and you were too.

Everyone at a distance

although we were slow to learn.

The year that was March

31 days that seemed to go on without end

when we wrote like there was no tomorrow.

Remember, then, how we recovered

how long it took until we found not the way back

but chose a different path

One that held space for everyone who needed it

A path that afforded more humanity and care

than we had seen in centuries.

That was us, you remember.

We did that.






23 thoughts on “SOL March 31st The Year of March

  1. Oh, the hopefulness at the end. May we come out of this “year that was March” and create a different path that affords more humanity. If our words here mean anything, may they mean that. May our small connected community be a microcosm of what is possible – connection across distance, support through the unknown, sharing with one another so that we all grow. I am glad that I get to grow with you.

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  2. I, too, found it hard to say goodbye today. I love the first line, “The time when March was a whole year.” March 1 seems like a century ago when I was planning to attend my sister’s 90th birthday party. I went, stayed over at a hotel with my children and grandchildren. Only a little bit of worry way back then! Yet, we continue to have hope. Thanks for reminding me of it.

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  3. Your poem blew me away, goosebumps and tugs at the heart. The craft and care you put into it are just divine. My favorite lines-
    “Remember, then, how we recovered

    how long it took until we found not the way back

    but chose a different path”

    All the best to you as we navigate a new way forward.

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    1. If I write full of hope, then maybe I can capture more of it for myself day by day. Thank you for the kind words and well wishes. May you remain healthy and well through this challenging time and beyond.


  4. Sherri, I’ve been thinking about how we’d write about this March next March. Yes, remember when we “wrote like there was no tomorrow.” Certainly, this March has had an air of urgency about it. Keep up that writing stamina. Be well and safe. I’m dreaming of that little slice of heaven where you live and hope to visit Austria again some day.

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    1. I am confident that you will have occasion to make it back to Austria sooner rather than later. Take care. Thank you for being a delightful partner in this writing endeavor. See you soon on the Twitters. 🙂

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  5. the real challenge is just beginning.

    It feels this way to me too… yet your poem… is so perfect. It’s like we are looking back at this time and you captured it all so well. I want to print this and share this. Keep writing and sharing. I look forward to staying connected. ❤️

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  6. This is beautiful. Thank you for giving us the perfect closing-for-now. Emily Dickinson says, “I know it’s poetry if it takes the top of my head off?” (or close). That’s what your last two lines do for me.


    1. I’m honored if this poem goes into print! Thank you, Claire also for your overall presence in the Slice of Life Community. I know that there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make this challenge a success. I deeply appreciate the work of the full TWT team in creating and sustaining a community in all the best, most responsive ways.


  7. That poem is beautiful. I loved the beginning of your slice, when you talked about avoidance (that’s why I’m commenting right now instead of writing my own post–but I’m glad that it meant that I found your poem!), but then the poem….. I want to pull out a line I love, but I love them all. I love, too, the way the formatting of the poem shifts when you shift from describing the “past” to the future. Thank you for sharing.

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  8. I was so struck by this line,
    “Remember, then, how we recovered
    how long it took until we found not the way back”
    This balancing of seemingly contradictory ideas is a rare space to create in writing. I’ve read the comments and couldn’t add more to the conversation other than my own deep appreciation for your writing.
    I’m wondering how long, but you remind us; “we did that”.
    Yeah…we did. And we will.
    Keep holding space, Sherri. Keep taking up space.

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  9. I love how this poem narrows as it comes to rest. The last line, “we did that” feels like such an assertion. I think anytime a community is formed, that’s cause for some sense of triumph. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and your comments. Thanks for “what you did.”

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  10. So many thoughtful lines in your post and poem! March has felt like it would never end and yet suddenly here we are. It’s been great having a daily task to help occupy my thoughts. Thanks for all your posts. I hope to see you back here next Tuesday!

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  11. “The year of March.” – yes, indeed, we DID do that – together.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful poem. I am hoping that you will continue to write in the coming weeks. I’ve loved your posts!

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  12. I was so sad that the Slice of Life Challenge was over, too. This community was such a support and encouragement for me. You were one of those supporters! I appreciate how you read my slices and left thoughtful comments throughout the month. Your poem really hit home, too. The month that was a year…so true. I hope you stay safe and healthy and keep writing!

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