SOL March 28th Sliced Slices Slice

We’re at home most of the time now. The messy spots are multiplying and I may care later but not right now.

So many reading options before me, but I feel stalled. I feel held up by the need to stay connected which is now happening through screens upon screens. (Adding held up :: upheld)

Of necessity I need to be more inventive in thinking about what my mini lessons can look like. This results in what I would call “creative hot flashes” which wake me up early and demand to be written down, lest they disappear like smoke.

I do not love watching or hearing myself on video but I think many of my students do. Their responses, which in some cases fall in the range of performance art, tell me that I need to keep showing up as myself.

Every day I do something or even several things that are physical. I walk, jog, lift, stretch, or dance.  I need these things but I am also tired of feeling like I have to.

Mr. 12 and I had a conversation about feedback. He hates it because he has an ego, he admitted. I said, I get it. I explained why I was reading an editor’s comment on something I had written now in the morning rather than before going to bed last night: Rested I can be more open to feedback. Neither of us takes well to being judged negatively. We’re two of a kind in that.

Even if I crave a particular kind of conversation, the thought of making the first move, scheduling the time, drains me before I begin.

The weekend and I have entered into a new kind of friendship.

9 thoughts on “SOL March 28th Sliced Slices Slice

  1. As much as I need to find the positive aspects of this whole situation, it’s a relief to find others walking the same path as me on some days. Thanks for your post.

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  2. “I do not love watching or hearing myself on video but I think many of my students do.” I love this insight and really enjoyed this slice. I’m guessing this is 100% true – they still need you. Also, feels like these days are so full of ourselves on screen, it’s a weird myopia. Keep going! 🙂 Also, creative hot flashes, lol.

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  3. I read your post and kept nodding. Knowing that we are going through similar things, reading how you manage the situation, helps me to cope better with it. I hope you have a super restful weekend. I kind of suspect that tomorrow will include some lesson recording.

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  4. We’re all pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones… and you’re doing it for your students. Several teachers have talked about kids requesting more time “with” them. This is the beauty of school. Kids are even recognizing and missing what is not there. I don’t like seeing myself of screen or hearing my own voice recorded… but these things matter for kids right now. We’ve got this!

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  5. What I love is that you know yourself well enough to put feedback on hold until you know that your mind will be in a space that’s receptive and open to it.

    Something I constantly work on…

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