SOL March 26th Out of Sorts :: Sorting It Out

Holding up :: on hold

out of sorts :: sorting it out

keep going :: keep up

waste not :: not wasted

no turning back :: no back turned

overdo :: do over

step over step :: overstep

pass time :: time past

siren song :: song of sirens

emergency stimulus :: stimulated emergency

word choice ::Ā  choice words

turn over :: overturn

come over :: overcome

distance learning :: learning distance


8 thoughts on “SOL March 26th Out of Sorts :: Sorting It Out

  1. So clever, this, and thought-provoking. I wonder if any of them could turn up on the Miller Analogies. Do they still administer that test? I love emergency stimulus::stimulated emergency. Actually in re-reading, they are all brilliant. A keeper, this one!

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    1. It started with the first one and then I began to think about feeling & expressions that seem symptomatic of this time. After that more surfaced as I wrote. The analogy structure I remember from SATs & GRE and I always found it funny that they only appeared in texting contexts but nowhere else. For me they are a kind of thought puzzle. Thanks for asking. šŸ™‚

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