SOL March 25th Fragments Assembled

So my 12 y-o says to me in exasperation: “You are a handful!”

And I guess that’s about right. When I showed up this morning he offered me this rap, though:

“Oh, you’re up late today, up late today

Go Mommy, go Mommy

Got that beauty sleep, that beauty sleep

with the shiny skin

She looks rested, looks rested..”

All this, while I shimmied and popped to his rhythm.

A great way to start the day!


When I start my “teaching” day and peek into SeeSaw, I’m first checking to make sure my activities are in the right places and then to clear any responses that need to be approved. It’s only 8:40 and already some kids have gone straight to the PE activity. I think it’s funny to see who does that. 2nd graders who are like “yeah, that reading and writing, I’ll do that later. Let me make up a tossing game first…”

If you see me on Twitter ragging on distance learning, it’s not because of my own experience, it has more to do with what were asking of kids, families and teachers during a time of international crisis. If I can offer my students an activity that gives them joy and a desire to practice something, that’s fabulous. It’s also a remarkable privilege to enjoy the conditions to do that so seamlessly.


Getting dressed, I ask: am I dressing for running or for writing and such?

My answer is: both.


Yesterday I went to my therapy appointment on the wrong day. I was on time, though. The appointment is today. Surprisingly I was not too bothered. It was a silly mix-up on my part. I forgave myself in a heartbeat. I went to the store and bought toast, red wine and chocolate.

My otherwise asynchronous life seems to be spilling over.

9 thoughts on “SOL March 25th Fragments Assembled

  1. Small moments .. these are our lives right now .. I love that your son did a rap for you .. giving mom a little hip hop to get the day shaking loose …


  2. This format matches the content – and the content matches our lives right now. Where we used to have a month-long calendar on the wall to help us keep track of everything, we now have a daily plan written where everyone can see it. I cannot keep my days straight, and I have as many mini-slices, captured moments that don’t quite have an arc, as i have actual experiences. I love that you start with a rap (and a handful – ha!) and end with forgiving yourself (and red wine and chocolate).

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  3. Yes, we all need to forgive ourselves and to adjust to this new reality. Red wine and chocolate solve most things. Let’s say they are medicinal.

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  4. Your fragments are so appropriate … I feel like my life feels fragmented right now! I especially loved how you ended: β€œMy otherwise asynchronous life seems to be spilling over.” It speaks to how hard it has been for me to try to figure out what my calendar looks like during this weird time!

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  5. β€œMy otherwise asynchronous life seems to be spilling over.” I think this sums it up in a nutshell. I love that you offer yourself the same forgiveness and grace that you do those kiddos who prefer to do the physical activities over the reading and math.

    Thanks for this beautiful slice!

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