SOL March 20th Puzzle Pieces

The first Friday of the long week at home.

The third day of distance learning.

The fifth day of sunshine and springtime.

The beginning of a long haul.


I started a puzzle last week. 1000 pieces. I thought Mr. 12 and I might work our way through it over the week and beyond. After day 2 it became my project alone. It’s slow going. The pieces are tiny and many are just a single color or a couple gradients of that color. It is not designed to be completed in a hurry. Which is fine because in a hurry I am not. No, I actually have all kinds of time to sift through puzzle pieces in search of 2 or 3 that fit the description of exactly what I’m looking for. A puzzle is patient. It will and can wait. At the same time, a puzzle offers brief satisfactions; micro successes that keep inviting you back to try to place a couple more pieces. A puzzle doesn’t judge you; doesn’t shame you for taking so long. A puzzle is forgiving and that feels about right for now.

4 thoughts on “SOL March 20th Puzzle Pieces

  1. I am on day three of my 1,000 piece puzzle. It is wonderful to shut down the computer, put aside my phone and see if I can find that missing edge, or that blue that is a slightly different shade of blue, than the rest of the sky.

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  2. We haven’t started any puzzles yet because we are still trying to clear out space in our chaos, but – oh! – your description here makes me look forward to the moment I can spread a puzzle on the table and just sit with it for a while.

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