SOL March 19th I Eat

I eat when I’m hungry and sometimes when I’m not.

I eat raisins almost every day with walnuts and apples and yogurt.

I eat meat and know several reasons not to. I still eat meat.

I eat ice cream with a small spoon so it lasts longer.

I eat standing up when I’m on edge.

I eat the same foods over and over again.

I eat slowly.

I eat first, then drink.

I eat leftovers for lunch, if there’s the option.

I eat alone occasionally and find it calming.

I eat chocolate when I need a reward.

I eat with a fork and knife but my heart beats for spoons.

I eat fried foods and rarely regret it.

I eat at the last minute before my class starts.

I eat white breads more often than I should.

I eat after 10 pm when I am overwhelmed, overwrought or just done.

I eat when I’m hungry and sometimes when I’m not.

15 thoughts on “SOL March 19th I Eat

  1. I seem to be eating more than usual with this at-home situation
    (probably, I am not alone)
    But, I am also walking and hiking more than ever
    (something I am sure every PE teacher loves to hear)

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  2. I am thinking about what I eat these days because I am eating differently than I did just 5 days ago. I hear you when you say, “I eat when I’m hungry and sometimes when I’m not.” I also eat chocolate and meat (though less these days) and too much white bread, especially when we make it at home. Right now, I’m letting myself eat without too much worry; soon, I will want to eat more healthily again…

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    1. Food matters. It’s more than just what we put in our bodies to keep them running. Acknowledging our feelings related to food seems healthy and necessary, especially in light of how our relationship to food can change over time.


  3. I think eating, at least for me, provides a sense of calmness. It makes me feel good. I always have a bowl of grapes out and handy so that when I get the urge to pop something in my mouth a few of them fit the bill. I tell myself it is a healthy snack.

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  4. What a cute and fun format! I rarely ever stick to serving sizes, but this week I have found myself abiding by them religiously. I don’t know if it’s for fear of running out of food faster, or if it’s for fear of eating all the time since I’m home.
    I don’t know, but I do know that I have a box of Oreos hidden somewhere in the basement. Today, I eat…

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  5. “I eat with a fork and knife but my heart beats for spoons.”

    This line. I think it’s my favorite. =)

    Thank you for this wonderful (delicious?) slice.

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