SOL March 18th Day 1 Relief

Hard to decide exactly what to write about. There’s certainly no shortage of topics. I have thoughts about the alchemy of online teaching and learning – how something that begins as a one-to-many exchange on the return trip is transformed into multiple one-on-one dialogues. An essay idea about how the heaviest burdens of this pandemic will be borne disproportionately by women, especially low income and precarious workers, keeps popping up, looking for a place to land. I could write about my first short video lessons and the responses that came back.

Of all the things, I think a moment to acknowledge the relief of being back in cahoots with students. After the many meetings and messages, I felt a genuine and sweeping relief as the first videos and pictures and emojis showed up on SeeSaw. Kids and parents making the most of the situation. My directions were sufficient, the task was doable and fun. The tech worked!

I didn’t realize how much I needed the kids – their faces, their enthusiasm, their humor. They validated my every reason for fretting over this whole process. I’m glad that I took the time to worry a bit over the possible losses of having to ditch face-to-face school, because as charming as this all seems today, in 2 or 3 or 4 weeks time we can anticipate that the struggle to continue will be very real. That said, today’s success is real and can be attributed to the folks I work with.

My colleagues are amazing! One of the great benefits of using a common platform is that we can witness each others’ magic. So much care put into each lesson and interaction! I am humbled to be teaching alongside these folks.

So now at the end of this exciting first day, I’ll admit I’m a little spent. There’s dinner to make and a tween to pry from his recreational screen. There’s laundry to be hung up. That essay on women doing triple duty during this crisis is still on my mind. Another time for that one, though.

8 thoughts on “SOL March 18th Day 1 Relief

  1. A successful and positive start lessens the worry and gives a boost to continue. I hope you’ll write the essay. You always consider multiple factors and write thorough and thoughtful texts.

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  2. Thanks for this slice. As Terje says, I do also hope you write about your essay about women. You bring insights to things that might be matter of facts when there are not. You also encourage me to brainstorms way of helping my students in a cohesive way. We are getting so many ideas online that sometimes I feel that it would be an impossible task. I might get in touch with you later asking for help 🙂

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  3. I sometimes think teachers are like actors on a stage, and I guess that in a way we are. Actors need the responses of the audience and we need the interaction of our students. Congratulations on a successful Day 1.

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  4. Good for you and those lucky kids. I miss my kids faces too. I hope, soon, there will be some way I’m able to reconnect with them. Uncertain times but one certainty is the care we have for our students.

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  5. I’m glad day 1 went well. I’m taken by your observation that “something that begins as a one-to-many exchange on the return trip is transformed into multiple one-on-one dialogues” and would love to hear more about your essay idea. My thoughts are currently trending towards the way people seem to be defining equity as internet access when, in fact, it seems like so much more to me. Hmm… funny where our brains go when we have time to think.

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  6. I still have a few days to decide what I’m doing in my classes. I need to investigate Seesaw. I appreciated the irony of your essay topic combined with your triple duty activities. I definitely want to read the writing that will be coming from this. (And so appreciate all the thinking you share on Twitter.)

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    1. Thanks, Elisabeth. I have to say, shout-out to SeeSaw for rising to the occasion. It has been a reliable workhorse for our whole elementary program. I’ve been genuinely impressed.


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