SOL March 14th Shout Out For Therapy

Therapy. There, I said it. I’m new at this but I have to say, what a clever invention: I meet with an individual who asks me about myself and I share and reflect and think again. 60 minutes to think and talk about ME! Who knew this could feel so cathartic, soul-rinsing, confidence-boosting?

OK, maybe you knew and you probably even told me. But what took me so long to finally take the leap? What took me so long to decide that yes, I, too might benefit from the services of a trained therapist?

As someone who has dedicated literally years to developing and supporting others; to crafting learning environments that hopefully build efficacy and agency; to growing my capacity to listen with both an open heart and an open mind – it took me a ridiculously long time decide that with or without “issues”, I could indulge in the privilege of mental health care.

And there we have part of the rub. The perception of therapy as a kind of privilege. Of mental health care as something that others need rather than I. Writing has brought me into dialogue with widening circles of people from diverse backgrounds, with unique qualities and also struggles. Their openness has opened me. Their vulnerability has helped me share my own.

So let me say this: My impression is that we can all benefit from some type of therapy. It doesn’t have to involve digging up your whole childhood to discover why you keep doing that-thing-that-rationally-makes-no-sense-but-you-can’t-help-yourself-because-it’s-who-you-are-and-you’ve-always-done-it-that-way…  (Seriously.)

For me, therapy means prioritizing my own care and development for a moment. It means laying down some of my armor and breathing a little more deeply. It means recognizing patterns and now connecting them to some deeper, less acknowledged needs. It means getting not only closer to who I am but also to who I might become.

So, shout out for therapy, therapists and taking care of our mental health!

14 thoughts on “SOL March 14th Shout Out For Therapy

  1. I like how you decided to write by talking to the reader. It felt like a conversation, just like you had with your therapist. Your strong post helps to remind why therapy is a great practice! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. We have availed ourselves of therapy support a few times over the last two decades. It’s amazing to sit with someone who gives you the permission you need to hear to take care of yourself. So glad you’ve discovered this “secret”! Hoping the stigma continues to lessen, and therapy becomes more readily affordable/ available, so others will follow suit.

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  3. Reading your slices so often feels like I’m sitting down and having a conversation with a good friend. You’ve written this piece in such an engaging style. I’m a big fan of therapy (and life coaching!), so I hope your post has inspired others to consider the benefits.

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  4. Therapy is the best! I appreciate you writing this post- you have inspired me to write my own post about my experience with therapy (not sure if I’ll be brave enough to post it like you though!). If you have a chance, read Maybe You Should Talk to Someone- it’s a book written by a therapist and her experiences with her clients and her own therapy!

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  5. Shout out to you for talking about it, too. You nail it when you write that too often we think “of mental health care as something that others need rather than I.” At school, where I’m department head, I try to model self-care by being open about the fact that I find therapy useful for me. It feels a little weird, but the more we normalize it, the more we move it away from its privilege (or stigma). I am glad that you wrote about this – you often show me ways in which I can stretch my writing & I feel like you’ve just done it again. Shout out for therapy!

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  6. Thanks for slicing about this- oddly, I wrote about not being able to get my anti-depressant prescription filled today, which is also a privilege. I think it’s important to acknowledge that sometimes we need help and it’s okay to seek it out.

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  7. Yes! Absolutely! And for me, I tell my kids that as long as they pursue therapy for different reasons I did, I’ve done an okay job. =))

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