SOL March 11th Wild Horses

Whoa, Nellie!

Did you ever think about that expression and where it came from? I certainly grew up being told to ‘hold your horses’ and to not ‘put the cart before the horse’ although I never lived in proximity to the animals.

What about “going to hell in a handbasket”?  I often wondered about that one.

There was a whole other section to this post that got lost when I published it on my phone. I’m more than a little shocked to open up this post and find it not even half done.

Long story short, I said some stuff about horse phrases connected to my life in progress, blah, blah, blah.

It’s a sign. I’ll quit while I’m not even ahead. Sheesh.

4 thoughts on “SOL March 11th Wild Horses

  1. Oh no! I had a similar problem a few days ago after posting an Animoto video I made from photos I took at the art walk Friday. Then YouTube deleted it, so after several requests to review I landed in YouTube jail, banned for a week from streaming and uploading. I wrote about it all.

    Anyway, I was drawn to “horses” because my husband loves horse racing. He was a jockey in his teens but then got tall.

    Lastly, I am intrigued about the origins of phrases. Now I need to look these up. The hand-basket saying always makes me think of Moses.

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  2. I guess you were too busy…horsing around…? 😉

    The answer is YES. This happens to me all the time – I pick up some kind of seed for writing, only to place it in the ground and forget what I’ve planted.

    Glad to know I’m in good company.

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  3. Ah-ha! We must be plagued by something similar today – I tried to comment this morning & couldn’t even find the comment button. I absolutely LOVE that you started a post, it got eaten & you posted it anyway. This is the perfect embrace of imperfection and I love it. THANK YOU.


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