SOL March 6th Grades Are Due



Not Assessed

Meeting, Meeting, N/A

Meeting, Meeting, Meeting


Comment: notice tendency to participate selectively

Comment: finds it challenging to locate a partner

Comment: anticipate considerable growth

Comment: Yay!

Meeting, Meeting, Meeting, Exemplary

progressing, progressing


Comment: This trimester

Comment: In PE

Comment: strong

Comment: Demonstrates remarkable tenacity

Comment: Rarely brings PE kit








Shows, Demonstrates, Knows, Understands, Displays

Skill, Attitude, Behavior, Control, Patterns, Activities

Appropriate, positive.

Standard fare

Standard line


5 thoughts on “SOL March 6th Grades Are Due

  1. So much time is spent in evaluating and commenting I often wondered when I found time to teach. It always seemed like just as one round of reports is finished it is time to start the next one.

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  2. Wow – you nailed it. Grades, boiled down to their essence. Wish we had a better way to share what they are learning – provided that the “better way” was also reasonably efficient. Glad you’re done.

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    1. I used to invest in comments which were my creative writing outlet when I was still part time and writing 60 instead of 130. Now the admin emphasis has shifted to pushing those standards and comments have receded in importance (for admin) especially from specialists, so I’ve cut back. But I have quite a stash of old comments, that were really too good to just toss. (insert cringe emoji) 😉

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