SOL March 5th Change of Plans

Well, the decision has fallen. It was to be expected, so my disappointment is not huge, just present. Along with a few colleagues I was scheduled to attend an education conference in Helsinki. I was looking forward to offering two workshops which now will not take place. It’s no longer a given that the conference will be able proceed as planned.

When matters are beyond our control, how do we respond?

On the one hand, there is a kind of relief: the decision was not mine to make. I can accept what is because a different response doesn’t serve anyone really.

On the other hand, there’s the final let down, the sense that the previous effort will not be able to come to fruition.

Earlier in the year, I noted a degree of exhaustion connected to so much outward facing communication. Having this final engagement cancelled feels like one more sign telling me that easing up may be what’s needed. “Stay in, collect yourself, consolidate your resources” sounds like the message.

I’ll go cancel my hotel booking and flights. For now the school will compensate me for those. In all of this I have to recognize my ridiculous level of privilege. I will have other opportunities, other conferences, other workshops.

This is my turn to stay put, hold down the fort, wait and see.

11 thoughts on “SOL March 5th Change of Plans

  1. I’m so sorry about your conference. Coronavirus related, yes? It’s one thing to choose staying but another to be forced to stay because we’re all at the mercy of this thing. I do hope some normalcy returns soon and you find something better than this loss.

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  2. It is a disappointment when something we look forward to doesn’t happen due to circumstances beyond our control. Here’s hoping we can all get back to normal, whatever that is, soon.

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  3. Dear Sherri,

    I love that you layered your lamenting in language. Frustrations and disappointments are such a salient part of our lives, but we often suppress many of our most bothersome feelings. That you opted to write about them is most heartwarming to me because I believe that it helps us to grieve more naturally.

    I am deeply sorry to hear that your conference is cancelled. I still think you can take away many more positives as you’ve already evidenced. Cheers to you in the wonderful attitude you have introspectively. May there be many more presentations and conferences in your future. Sounds like you are more than ready.

    With Warmest Regards, ~Carla Michelle

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  4. Beyond your control. There is so much uncertainty and unknown in the world right now. I keep reminding myself that there are things I can’t control- let those go. Maybe, as you stated, this is a sign and an opportunity to slow down.

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  5. I can feel and relate to your feelings. Our teachers too can’t go and are sad. I had to cancel my trip to Slovenia.My head understands the reasons. My heart weeps. Since the conference in Slovenia is still happening I will record my presentation and send to them. I couldn’t think of a way to run a workshop virtually.

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  6. It is a real loss to not be able to go and participate, as you had hoped. What a beautiful perspective to take – the universe is allowing you to slow down, regroup – “Stay in, collect yourself, consolidate your resources.”

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  7. This must be so disappointing to you. I am sorry to hear that you have to go through this…

    It’s certainly a good perspective to realize that you do not have control over this.

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  8. I’m so sorry to hear of your disappointment. And I know how hard it is when you work hard and yet forces beyond your control still get in your way.

    Here’s hoping you find solace in self-collection and consolidating your resources. =)

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  9. It can be so hard to decide though! I’d rather have someone else make the call. I’ve been watching a person I follow on Twitter struggle to make the decision about a trip that is scheduled to start next week. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what he decides, and so glad I don’t have to decide!

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