SOL Tuesday: O Come All Ye Anxious

T’was the Tuesday before Christmas,

And the tree was still bare.

Not an ornament yet hung

Or a single light found there;

In our living room it stood

So green and so great

Smelling so woodsy, I thought, the deco can wait.

Now on my way to celebrate the impeachment trail,

With fellow Dems abroad I’ll drink to a twist in the tale.

I’m tired and cranky, a real holiday damper

Heading out in the afternoon dark seeking seasonal pamper.

The consumerist impulse proves tough to escape,

My model superhero wears an anti capitalist cape.

But I in my tradition, so stalwart and stale

Will follow convention, frequent all points retail.

The season will pass with delight and some stress,

Happy holidays if you celebrate, if not, then bless.

6 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday: O Come All Ye Anxious

  1. This is a fun twist on “The Night Before Christmas,” and I love that you’re celebrating the impeachment from so far away. I’m w/ you on the retail. I do very little shopping this time of year. We booked a cruise from Singapore to Hong Kong for March and are working on some home updates. We don’t buy one another gifts, and I prefer supporting services rather than purchasing stuff.

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  2. This one made me smile, starting with the title. I may or may not have my sewing machine currently on the kitchen table (yes, it’s 9:30pm) to finish just one more thing… I love this line: “seeking seasonal pamper” – indeed! And your reference to a twist in the impeachment trail made me quick check the news to see if I’d missed something. (Nope. He’s still President.) May you make it through this holiday season with all your nerves intact – and maybe a decorated tree!

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  3. Love the title and your musings from the tram. “The season will pass with delight and some stress.” I’ll hand onto those words as we head into the week before Christmas. Hoping your evening with friends was a delight!

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