SOL Tuesday: A New Thing

I’m not exactly sure how this happened. I read something and it made me think, reflect. I shared my thoughts out loud online. Some people responded with their thoughts which made me think a little more, a little longer. I wrote down some lines, I noticed an idea bubbling up. I find bubbling ideas particularly difficult to resist.

The idea surfaced, announced itself which then prompted me to announce its arrival publicly, as you do in social media land. So now the idea is public. I tell people what I plan to do with said idea. Each announcement is met with spurts of excitement and interest. Enthusiasm in spurts makes me weak and strong at the same time. Before I know it I’m in love with a new impulse and I suddenly have all kinds of creative energy that demand action.

I wrote somewhere “I know that perhaps the last thing I need right now is to launch yet another creative enterprise…”

So here I am: project underway, blog site under construction, contributions building. It may seem like doing for others, but to me it feels like doing for and with us. I’m not doing this on my own. I’m creating a space, then managing the space for others and me to have our say. That’s it.

We’re going to talk about movement and being and remembering. Join us if you’d like.

4 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday: A New Thing

  1. I loved watching your excitement bubble up & I am seriously impressed that you took that bubbling brew and turned into something to share with others. I can’t wait for the results – and I even have my fingers crossed that I’ll have time enough to create and share a response.

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  2. How utterly intriguing – I personally believe that when creativity calls and inspiration strikes (especially to benefit others) – we would do well to listen and move. Lots of energy in your piece here – like an atmosphere charged and ready for new things to develop.

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