SOL Tuesday: Travel With Family

This map-poem is brought to you live from foggy Northern Iceland where our family is touring the island.



Tolerance revealed at variably exciting locations


While investigating true history


Finding associated memories, internalized longings, yesterday.

5 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday: Travel With Family

  1. My daughter has been urging me to go to Iceland with her, but she wants to go in January when the Aurora Borealis will be visible. Is it really daylight most of the time? How does that feel? I really like the way you write your poem in rambling format, as though wandering in the woods. And “Travel” and “With” and “Family” are like your stopping-off points. Are you with kids? Are they the “tolerance” or are you?


    1. Iceland has been wonderful so far. Daylight around the clock practically. So far we haven’t been able to catch the dark yet. Maybe in the wee hours but we’re not sure. This trip it’s just me with my husband & 11 y-o. Tolerance is necessary in all directions.


  2. What an intriguing artifact of your experience … what a geologically rich place is Iceland. My oldest son went a couple of summers ago and his photos almost look like something out of a fantasy – waterfalls, lava fields, geothermal vents, the stunning black-pebble beach – hope you enjoy every moment! Amid the tolerance, that is!

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  3. A map poem! I am inspired. This actually makes me think of your memoir graphs from a while ago. I love how you play with words and form. And I hope you post a few photos of Iceland – here or on Twitter. What a trip!

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