SOL Tuesday: The Week After

This is the week after

we watched our child become a star


In this 5th grade musical production

he taught us

how seriously he intends

to entertain

the world,

given the opportunity.

This is the week after

I attended a conference that named itself

Boring IX.

Called to join my BFF

of too many years to count,

I dashed to London late night

just in time to say cheers and goodnight.

The next day

was spent listening

chuckling, chatting,

being quick-witted middle aged ladies

sitting amused

in our seats.

This is the week after

it dawned on me that this life

may have an end

I hardly expect and yet

life itself

will certainly go


This is the week after.


6 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday: The Week After

  1. Yes, for sure. Life will go on and you will be remembered. I love how you intertwined three moments in the week to give a full picture of what happened and your reactions.

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  2. What a fantastic way to weave the memories from your week together. You have such a lovely way to make connections with your words.

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  3. This is like a teaser! There’s so much more I want to hear about, but every line matters, and that makes your post powerful.

    Again, thank you for Callings. I am reading it little by little, trying to internalize some of its importance.

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  4. “This is the week after/ it dawned on me that this life/ may have an end/ I hardly expect” – This is the comment after I realized how much more I wanted to know about the various pieces in this tease of a slice. The space between what happened and the week after is so present in this slice that I can’t quite believe it’s not full.

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