SOL Tuesday: Numbered Moments

Moment #1: I just finished grocery shopping and after dropping my bag off in the car, walked to the bank around the corner to hit the ATM. As I looked around that familiar corner – the bike shop, the bar, the cafe, the tram stop – I had a sudden and inexplicable desire to be wearing a black T-shirt with “Nope.” written in big bold white letters.

I want that T-shirt now. A “Nope.” T-shirt. It could become my singular mood wardrobe.

Moment #2: I’m making dinner in the kitchen and serving up a lot of compromise. Frozen veggies with a few fresh veggies tossed in to ward off potential feelings of sub-optimal nutrition provision guilt. I choose a few pieces of cauliflower which offers the added joy of looking like brain cross-sections when you cut them through the middle of the flower. When dinner is over I wash a few plastic containers and the frying pan in hot hot soapy water. I feel useful and above reproach.

Moment #3: I went to work with a cold.*  But I didn’t feel sick. In fact, I managed the day quite well. In the afternoon during track practice I took a small crew of girls off campus up into the woods for some trail running. Slow jogging, a recovery jaunt following a competition weekend for some. There I was, leading the pack, offering short breaks, dosing the steep hill sections, encouraging them along. I still had my cold but couldn’t feel it. Instead I felt trusted and appreciated and less tired than when I spent the day before in bed.

Moment #4: I pick up a book by my bedside that has been waiting for my attention for weeks. I read the foreword and it resonates. I take in the acknowledgements and they all have a home in my mind. I see I was not ready until now to really understand what this book and all it wants to accomplish is about. The right book will wait until we’re ready.


*Rereading this I am struck by a possible alternative meaning: “I went to work with a cold” as if it had been an offer I decided to take the cold up on. Uh…weird.

4 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday: Numbered Moments

  1. I like the layers these fragments offer to show a day in your life. “sub-optimal nutrition provision guilt” is a glorious phrase.

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