SOL Tuesday: First Day Back and New Phrases

It feels like I never really left, my SOL streak, I mean.

It’s already Tuesday. Time to insert a new rhythm. Let’s see what comes out. A few unusual terms came up for me today. Let me elaborate.

Sleepy knees – used to describe a middle school athlete’s sprinting technique. “You could be faster,” I suggested, “if you would pick up your knees a bit higher. Right now you have sleepy knees. Tell them to wake up!” I say this as I demonstrate the knee motion I want him to produce. His knees on the next run are in fact a bit more perky and responsive. That’s progress. I’ll take it.

Sneaky spinach – this is the green veggie I was able to smuggle into this evening’s chili. When my 11 y-o notices and asks, it’s actually no big deal. I think we’re both grateful that mixed in with spicy beans, ground beef, tomato sauce and onions you can hardly taste it.

Communication debt – this is my sense of dread and regret at not contacting or responding to someone I care about. I’m in communication debt. I owe them a call, e-mail, text or all of the above. Guilt by another name.

Willfully obtuse – two words I used to describe a student whose behavior upset me and then demonstrated zero social comprehension of what he did that was problematic. I suspect I will find more uses for this phrase in the future.

Maybe I should start collecting my special phrases. Oh, I guess I have started.

8 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday: First Day Back and New Phrases

  1. Love this, especially “communication debt” which feels like it might need a secondary definition…something tied up in the inability to communicate effectively and wholly? And “willfully obtuse” is a perfect definition for particular middle schoolers at just that moment!


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