SOL#30 Where I am

First of all, I’m on a walk. In the Alps. I’m walking through a mountain meadow alone. It’s beautiful, it’s sunny and I have a full panorama view of mountains before me. This is where I am.

It’s also true that in my mind I am perhaps a thousand other places. I’m thinking about all the things I’ve read in the last 24 hours and they’ve led me on so many different journeys. I’m thinking about inequality in classrooms. I’m thinking about racism and how it expresses itself across the globe. I’m thinking about the fact that I’m walking through the Alps alone as a black woman, as an immigrant in Austria and what this all means how this is all connected.

I’m thinking too about where I am in my life: no longer young and not yet very old, but closer to old than young, I think.

I’m thinking about what it means to enjoy the multitude of privileges that I do.

I am walking in the midst of abundance: clean air, fresh water, green space. From meadow to forest, back to meadows again, mountains in the distance, mountains up close, I can see all of that. How did I get here?

This is where I am.

10 thoughts on “SOL#30 Where I am

  1. This is where I am is perfect!
    My favorite line is this: I’m thinking about all the things I’ve read in the last 24 hours and they’ve led me on so many different journeys.

    What a beautiful post today

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  2. By pausing to write this slice in the middle of beauty and abundance, you bring us with you. The view, the swirl of thoughts, the sense of questioning and of acceptance – it all comes together where you are.

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  3. I love so much about this slice. First I clicked because you said you used speech to text and that stopped me. I never do and think it is a brilliant idea!
    Second, I love that you were able to write as you experienced this amazing scene (Back to the speech to text!)
    Finally, your thought process made me stop because it’s exactly how my walks go… from one thing to another to another. All your thinking was captured beautifully.

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  4. Now I know what you meant by speech to text. (It helps to read the comments.)
    I so appreciate the gentle nudge your thinking (and the Related Slice #10 at the bottom) provided so that I could participate in your challenge to write about race during this month. Thank you, Sherri.

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  5. This beautiful post makes me think about how what we read changes us and our trajectory through life, and where we go does as well. You surprise yourself by being where you are, but you are there. Where next, I wonder?

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