SOL #28 The Joy of Curses

Yesterday I felt like I hit the SOL jackpot. Two posts that spoke to me, inspired me and one that had me laughing out loud with real volume.

The first was Julie Fellmayer’s post on JOMO – The Joy of Missing Out. She talks about retreating from social engagements for a weekend, or at the end of the school day as a form of self-care. She explores the various ways this choice might be interpreted by others and how she has arrived at her own firm position. I couldn’t have agreed more heartily with her take. An added bonus was finding so many fellow commenters who shared that agreement. For me it felt as if I found my SOL crowd: Understated introverts, I’ll call us.

The post I read after that quite simply made my night. Amanda Potts shared the fruits of her test-proctoring-annoyance-relief labors: a tremendously inventive collection of curses. Curses? you ask. Yes, curses! What you would wish only on your enemies and never on yourself. The idea, the occasion, the execution all deserve 10 out of 10! Here are two of my favorites:

May your pizzas all be gluten-free.
May your ice cream be ice milk.

I was laughing so loudly that my husband asked from another room if I was OK. Also I was so charmed by the idea of writing curses that I cannot wait to incorporate the idea into a course I’m leading this summer. And once again in the comment section I ran into folks who again have made my month of slicing such a joy.

9 thoughts on “SOL #28 The Joy of Curses

  1. It feels good to find those we can imagine being friends with. It’s amazing how you can get to know others, in this way. I’m excited to hear how the curses find their way into your summer work.

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  2. It feels good when someone else’s post clicks well. I love the idea of JOMO. Humor and curses in one sentence seem unexpected. We all can use a good laugh.


  3. So many amazing educators out there. I started following Amanda after last year’s SOL challenge. It is great when we can connect with others who may be geographically distant, but not professionally. She’s got me thinking up curses, too!

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  4. Those sound like two great slices that I missed! Thank you for sharing them. I am trying to think of curses now. “May all your Expo markers run dry.” “May your car tires be perpetually just a little bit leaky.”

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