SOL #25 Anticipatory Set

I suspect that I will regret rising at 4:30am and not going back to bed.

In 25 minutes I’ll pick up my 1st grade class and lead them to the gym. They’ll see some cones set up and a bag of balls in the corner and wonder what game we’ll play. On the way, someone will inevitably ask me, “Is it Awesome Gym Day?” To which I will of course reply, “Did you bring me 7 Awesome Gym Day Awards?” “Ok,No.” Mystery, that was really never a mystery at all, solved.

In 70 minutes I’ll be in the thick of teaching 4th grade. “Teaching” might not be entirely accurate. I will be supervising their practice, monitoring their safe use of equipment. I will avoid talking for longer than 2 minutes at a time. They are a restless bunch. Purposeful alongside silly-be-careful-please-cut-that-out movement is what I am prepared for.

In 2 hours I will have had lunch and been able to settle back down at my desk to tie up loose ends: Print this, fill that out, respond to that e-mail, breathe.

In 4 hours we’ll be in the middle of track practice and I’ll be talking about good technique and the importance of arm work. I’ll be wishing I had drunk more water during the day.

In 6 hours I expect to be at home or on my way there perhaps with a quick stop at the grocery store. I will be out of ideas (again) about what we should have for dinner.

I say all this in my current now and nearly forget that my challenge is to just. be. here.



2 thoughts on “SOL #25 Anticipatory Set

  1. Being conscious, in the moment, is so challenging! It’s so easy to let my mind race ahead to imagine and worry about the future. I’m so glad I read your post first thing this morning so I can remember to try to be present as I move through my day with kids and teachers.

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