SOL #24 Allergy Advice Well Received

Yesterday I went to the pharmacy to pick up allergy medicine for my son. I walked there in order to get myself moving and out of the house. The sun was shining and the day was on its way to becoming pleasantly warm. The pharmacist asked me the age of my son, reminded me of the dosage, then offered two pieces of sound advice.

“Are you rinsing his hair before he goes to bed? Because the pollen just stays stuck there and of course is in his sheets and pillow cases.”

She noticed my look of realization.

“Oh, thank you, we had completely forgotten about that! Yes, of course, makes total sense!” I responded.

“Also consider building up his intestinal system with yoghurt or sour cream since most allergic reactions are processed there.”

“Oh, wow, I hadn’t heard that piece of advice yet. Thanks!”

When I got home I was on a mission. I stripped down his bed, put everything in the wash. When he got home in the evening I insisted that he rinse his hair out which he did with a little preliminary resistance.

So it’s Sunday morning. Hardly a sneeze has been heard. Good advice, received and followed at just the right time, can be a godsend.

5 thoughts on “SOL #24 Allergy Advice Well Received

  1. Great use of dialogue in your slice today! And I am going to be sure to rinse my boys’ hair before bed. They’ve been suffering and I know it’s just getting started. Thanks for sharing your writing & the advice!

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  2. I just told my daughter to remember to wash her hair at the end of the day during this time of the year. I hadn’t heard about the yogurt, though! I’ll have to send that along to her. Thanks! Good message to the story, that’s for sure. This is a great line: Good advice, received and followed at just the right time, can be a godsend.

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