SOL #22 Stay Strong

“I’m sorry! Stay strong.”

Four words to tell me

It was not my imagination,

that my hurt was visible and plain.

One child saw me

and that was enough

to bring me back again

the next day,

committed to do better,

be better

and still be myself.


A 9 year old urging me to “stay strong.”

A 35 minute class that felt like 55.

A hint of success despite irritations.

A power struggle with no winners.

Mixed reactions in a distracted crowd.

Giggles to hide embarrassment or nothing at all.

Frustration levels reaching the ceiling.

A stalemate followed by a capitulation.

Continuation cancelled. Forget it, we’re done.

Students released, teacher relieved.

Return to clean-up, discover four words.

“I’m sorry! Stay strong.”

No mistake, I feel seen.

6 thoughts on “SOL #22 Stay Strong

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I really related to the line “frustration levels reaching the ceiling” as I feel that way with my most challenging class. These words are a helpful reminder.

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  2. I have a student like this too, one that can notice when someone is not okay amongst a restless crowd. I think about what she will be like as an adult. I hope she will carry that with her, making people feel seen. I hope yours does as well.

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