SOL #21 A World Poetry Day Event

World poetry day and I had two slim books in hand: my own collection of word play in German and Counting Descent by Clint Smith. I arrived in the library where the room was fairly full and the lights dim. It was middle school lunch/recess. One seventh grade student after another approached the mic to share a selected poem from their recently released collection which is available from that crushingly prominent online retailer which shall not be named. I was struck by their bravery. Any hesitancy seemed quickly cured by a smile and gentle nudge from a friend. I listened closely although I could not hear every word. I was standing near the back where the dangling display of found poems touched my shoulder. I needed to stay close to the exit, my next class was in a few minutes. There was no time for me to share from the books I brought which was just as well. It was a celebration of student achievement and creativity and I was grateful to have had a taste. Now back in my office, I leaf through the pages of Counting Descent wondering which poem I would have chosen to read, given the chance.

2 thoughts on “SOL #21 A World Poetry Day Event

  1. I am so curious about your poetry writing, ever since you mentioned your book in a previous post! I hope you will share one as a slice.
    I also have been amazed by young peoples’ poetry- the courage, the passion. I am glad your school had this event.

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    1. Hi Fran, Can you read German? That’s kind of the irony. That my poems are in German and often use word play that might not easily occur to a native speaker. I self-published the book after hearing my Austrian mother-in-law read the poems aloud with just the right intonation. I may still write a slice about it. Still find it funny that I wrote a book that most people I hang out with can’t actually enjoy.


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