SOL #18 My Nightstand

My nightstand holds stacks of my best intentions

hundreds of pages …

Interrupted. Life got in the way. 11 y-o chatterbox sitting in my office apparently completing math homework and rapping and quoting lines from the last movie we saw “Inside Out”. He mumbles jokes to himself, weaves youtube memes into his arithmetic, quizzing me about I’m not sure what. Do you mind if I finish this quick write, please? I beg.

Suddenly he’s done there are 30 seconds of silence and now he’s ready to go. “So I would be ready to go and we can go now…” We start to giggle as he continues to imitate every silly joke we’ve ever shared.

It is nearly impossible to continue writing as he leans over my shoulder asking “What’s so funny?” in every imaginable accent. Now he’s holding my phone and pretending to delete the parental controls for his Nintendo Switch.

I’ll tell you about my nightstand and what’s on it another time.

“Let me finish!” I shriek.

Ok I’m done. Tomorrow’s another day.

5 thoughts on “SOL #18 My Nightstand

  1. This is REAL! Love it. You sound like you have a hilarious chatterbox in your house. You know what’s most important and let “life get in the way” in just the right way. Tomorrow’s another day!!

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