SOL #17 Scholar Sunday

On Twitter there’s a hashtag for recognizing scholars of all sorts. #ScholarSunday was initiated by Dr Raul Pacheco-Vega who in addition to his academic work in environmental politics very generously shares his methods for research, note-taking, annotation, work flow organization on a near daily basis.  Surprising but true, my name has appeared on a number of occasions along with this hashtag and it has always felt like a very special shout-out because I have trouble seeing myself as a scholar sometimes.

One of the reasons I enjoy Twitter so much is that it has allowed me to locate and hang out with people I would otherwise never have found. Several colleagues in higher education have become good friends and we learn a great deal from each other. This morning while I was sorting out ideas to describe my own writing ambitions, I came up with the term “casual scholarship”. Casual because when I deign to write about ed tech or surveillance capitalism or any other topic that is of interest but not in my academic wheelhouse, I approach the topic like the guest that I am. I pop in, take a look around, engage the experts in a bit of conversation, then share what I learned. Here’s an example of that kind of writing.

Perhaps I am a “casual scholar”. When I choose to write something that explores a tentative understanding, I borrow from better, more experienced thinkers. Most of my writing that could be called “scholarly” demonstrates this pattern.

Anyway, I decided to play with the term and tweeted this:

Casual scholar. Come as you are scholarship. Bring your own baggage scholarship. Make myself at home scholar. Potluck scholarship. Block party scholar.

Because really I want scholarship to be a more welcoming proposition than it is to many. I want scholarship to wear jeans and a t-shirt and flip-flops. I want scholarship to be more invitational, less aloof; more generous and less stingy. Scholarship should also be a choice like going to a party, or joining a potluck. Bring your best thing and let’s share. Today seems like a good day to circulate this sentiment and give a new dimension to #ScholarSunday.

5 thoughts on “SOL #17 Scholar Sunday

  1. This is the kind of scholarship I can get behind. I get very enthusiastic about things and take a quick deep dive and then I’m ready to move on. I am still surprised I ended up returning to academia, because I really hated grad school, but I don’t really consider myself an academic. I’m an enthusiast! But I definitely like casual scholar.

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  2. I want to LIKE this 1,000,000 times! Broadening the definition of scholarship welcomes all kinds of voices and ideas that might otherwise have been silent. Love this tweet , “Casual scholar. Come as you are scholarship. Bring your own baggage scholarship. Make myself at home scholar. Potluck scholarship. Block party scholar.” I have been loving your slices this month-you are piquing my curiosity, challenging my perceptions, and expanding my thinking in so many ways. I am so grateful. What’s your Twitter handle? I want to follow you!


  3. Yes! Right on! That is the beauty of the age we live in. Twitter and social media have opened up worlds of possibility with connecting directly to the researchers and authors that once seemed inaccessible. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to connect with YOU!

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