SOL #11 Lifting Effects

Last November I began lifting weights. I’ve done weights in the past and used other resistance methods to improve my power as a sprinter and middle distance runner. But that was then, this is now. I’m officially middle-aged. Staying fit belongs to my job description (I’m a PE teacher) and while my motivation to hit the gym has waned significantly over the last couple of years, I do what I can. And I discovered I can lift weights.

But this time around I’m taking on the long bar which by itself amounts to 20 Kg I’m told. I’ve started adding small weights on the ends and the improvements over a few months’ time is encouraging. The woman who got me started on this path is Director of an international school. At a weekend workshop for women aspiring to lead schools, weightlifting was part of her instruction. She explained how it had helped her build her self-efficacy. She felt strong because she knew that she was and is strong. She introduced us to her three main exercises and let us have a go. It sounds quirky but it stuck. I’m doing it.

Since I began lifting weights in November I have also arranged to co-present with my own Director at an international leadership conference, I have been offered an opportunity to write a blog post and be compensated for my work, I have decided to apply for a literary fellowship for women of color and asked my kinda famous author mentor to write my recommendation and she said YES! I’m lifting weights and I feel stronger and braver, (not younger), and maybe a little wiser. It’s a fascinating process and manageable at the same time. The threat of injury is limited and I can always use a measure of extra strength when I least expect it.




9 thoughts on “SOL #11 Lifting Effects

    1. Thank you. I think most of us are strong and capable. Often the question is how will we decide to let ourselves be seen that way by others. This community is a great one for testing some of our strengths.


  1. Obviously the mind-body connection is a powerful one. Congratulations on your triumphs, professional and physical. Love “She felt strong because she was, and is, strong.” Them’s fightin’ words (and I mean confident ones!).

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  2. I especially like weightlifting as a means of building self-efficacy; this spills over into other facets of one’s life. Strong in body, mind, spirit. Extraordinary accomplishments – congratulations!

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  3. Oddly enough, last night I wrote in my journal that it is time for me to start taking strength seriously. And then… your post. I feel incredibly motivated, and I’m really impressed with the opportunities you have created and found. I think I might be about to start lifting weights. 🙂

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