SOL #9 The Basketball Coach

Basketball is not my forte. I coach

and my talents are best spent on the less experienced.

It’s not at all that I have superior skills to boast. I have

no great jump shot or Euro step lay up for my charges

to emulate.

I do understand fundamental tactics and how to make these


Still, the kids have to play and make lots of mistakes, then play more

play on, play harder, keep playing.

Then a light goes on. They make two great passes

in a row.

They score after 3 rebounded shots.

The get a steal and a fast break

and make the lay up

And the crowd goes wild!!

When I’m on the bench my job

is to stay positive, keep pointing out the good stuff,

showing my faith in their ability

to be better next time

over and over again.

7 thoughts on “SOL #9 The Basketball Coach

  1. Your post reminds me a little of Clare Landrigan’s this morning. There’s more to coaching than just teaching the skills. There are mindsets to develop, and for most of your players, those are more important life long skills that the techniques of the game.

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  2. I loved this piece and wish more coaches would focus on growing mindsets rather than seeking wins! (Say I at the end of my son’s very long and very difficult basketball season!). I really liked the line “play more, play on, play harder, keep playing.”

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