SOL #8 The Odd Day

There’s a high school boys’ basketball tournament occupying all of our gym spaces today so elementary PE classes are mostly watching games or going outside for a brief spell of tagging games. Some observations:

We had the same situation yesterday and there’s an excitement about the break in schedule and the intensity of the games that lights up kids’ faces and fills their minds with all kinds of questions.

On the 2nd day of action a bit of the novelty has worn off and some students are a little put out. “What? This was our PE class?”

Being a spectator means that kids get some social time that they would otherwise wouldn’t have. I see one 5th grade girl nearly stretched out across the laps of 3 or 4 other girls. I notice 2 second grade girls one of whom is a recent arrival with no English and a deep shyness, have become friends. They poke each other, touch fingers and giggle, sitting side by side, glad to have found each other.

Not to be outdone by the kids, my team colleague and I have chatted more in the last couple of days than most of the last month. There’s sense of all-in-the-same-boat camaraderie as we decide on our move for each group. Straight into the stands or outside for a bit?

Not a normal day at school. Partly exciting, partly silly, partly boring. Still tiring but in a different way.

6 thoughts on “SOL #8 The Odd Day

  1. I am a sports fan and love my exercise. So, as I began to read this I thought gosh, this stinks for those kids who really need to move around, and then it will be really hard on the teachers because the kids will be antsy. But what a great twist and observation that kids are making the most out of different situation. Way to make lemonade out of lemons (though I do still hear you that some of it is still just lemons)!

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  2. I love your observations here about the changes in social order that happen with this extra time to be together without a task. I will be honest: I find it hard to stay focused and interested in watching kids’ sports. My attention does perk up when my son is playing but my mind still wanders A LOT. I can’t imagine being the kids in your classroom and trying to pay attention to other kids’ games!!

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