SOL #6 Persistence Counts

Some folks may know about me and my writing aspirations. Others may not. As I write through this month, I like to use this particular space to explore sides of my writing that I otherwise might not make time for: whimsy, humor, family stories, and tales from the classroom.

At the same time, the work that I’m doing on a couple of serious projects calls me to attention, demands that I sit up straight and craft the pearl others believe I am capable of producing. While I may be a pretty good writer, I am an inexperienced and clumsy reviser (and yes, I needed to look up that word because who uses that?). Which explains why I enjoy blogging: No need for perfection or even completion. Say some things and get it out there. The upside is that I’ve become braver over time. I’m also learning, slowly, how to work with editors who are indeed a gift to published work.

I struggle with serious writing and I keep trying it. I have ideas I want to see out in the world that carry my stamp and I have been fortunate enough to meet a few folks who tell me that’s a valid pursuit. This slice reminds me that persistence counts. That dreams require labor. That the big wins are made up of hundreds of little wins along the way.

Deep breath.

Now I can turn to those other pieces.

13 thoughts on “SOL #6 Persistence Counts

    1. I am certain you do. Serious writing is any writing we do that is vitally important to us. it does not require being published, but it does require a commitment on our part to struggle if we must in order to get our thoughts to the page. That’s how I understand it. If you’re interested, some of my “serious writing” can be found here:


      1. I followed your link, read one of your essays and looked into Medium. Now I think I may become a subscriber. I think this community would welcome some of your “serious” ideas! Glad you are here.


  1. Your voice should be in the world and your ideas should be shared. The idea of clumsy reviser struck me because while I know that this part of the writing process definitely makes my writing stronger, I often get lost in feelings before I can start to be more logical in my revision. Thanks for thinking about writing with me this morning. Share on!

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  2. Writing is always a struggle for me. I’m a perfectionist, even when blogging, but I know in my heart of hearts that I should just “let it go” and write. I keep trying. Thanks for this validation today.

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  3. One great thing about this forum is that it gives us a chance to explore new writing formats. I like your definition of serious writing…”any writing we do that is vitally important to us”.

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  4. I love both of your styles of writing and am so glad you linked to your “serious writing” too. I struggle to find the follow through for more than slicing. I need to think more about writing persistence and what the resistance is.

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