SOL Day #5 Word Surplus

Whew, this was a day.

Dance Battle, Report card comments, editing and revising essays, coaching a middle school boys’ basketball game, feeding the child, feeding myself, feeding my intellect.

It surprises me and then doesn’t surprise me how much I may actually write in a day. A thread of tweets, 4-5 sentence e-mails, notes on an incident, this blog post… These words add up. They may not be connected to each other but they have some purpose. Now at the end of a long work day, I still have more words to spare. But scattered and weaker words. Dry and bland words, the kind you would pull out of the fridge and wonder if they’re still good to use. That’s all I got.

My head stays full of necessary and unnecessary words that create shapes and colors of thoughts. At this stage I’m kind of ready for my head to empty out a bit. It would be nice to be able open the window of my brain and air out my gray matter for a time; to let my worries, joys and questions billow in the breeze. (Irony: I just had to look up “billow” and make sure it was the word I thought it was.) I suppose that’s the purpose of this exercise to open the windows of our brains, to air out our thought process, invite in fresh sounds and smells from outside.

I think I’m done for today. In every sense of the word.


4 thoughts on “SOL Day #5 Word Surplus

  1. I love the way you use language and imagery in this post. Today, I had a hard time retrieving simple words and names. I’m not sure why my brain was so foggy, but airing it out would be lovely. I’d like to join you in this!

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