SOL Day #4 What about Strongman?

Yesterday we were on our way back home from a weekend trip in the mountains. I was groggy from so much fresh air and my 11 year old was not. He began peppering me with questions I was very slow to answer. And yet, he persisted. Finally he landed on the topic of Superman. We watched the movie “Man of Steel” and both found it entertaining while quite ridiculous in certain plot moves. We enjoyed criticizing the whole way through. And then he busts out this question:

Why is he called Superman? Why not Strongman because weren’t most of his gifts based on being strong?

I thought about it, tossed in “x-ray vision” for his consideration.

“Well, OK,” he conceded. “Not so much strength there.”

“But Superman…I know it should sound good,” he continued, “Strongman doesn’t sound that good.  How about Superbman?”

“Ooh, that’s a great one!”

“Or Simpleman? Spectacularman?”

Then in his best hero voice, “Or Smileman. Hello there!”

I was amused and charmed by his ideas. I love his humor. His inventiveness.

This morning  he padded into our room and I asked about his night.

“I’m Slumberman,” he yawned.







9 thoughts on “SOL Day #4 What about Strongman?

  1. Love your conversation and the fun word play, or should I say name play. Interestingly, all suggestions start with “s” … I wonder, is that the power of what is familiar to the ear? Happy slicing tomorrow!

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  2. Love this! The best part of this is how you let him go on through his thinking! And I love how the next morning he continued on with “slumberman” I think this will be a running joke that you guys have for a long time!

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