SOL Day #3 The Bug Situation

This was in my original list of ideas. It may also become a cathartic exercise.

Sometime last year during the warmer months, my family noticed an odd preponderance of a particular bug in the area around our apartment. We live in a fairly green part of town so bugs are common. These bugs fly and make a kind of buzzing sound as they do. They neither sting, bite or otherwise harm plant, animal or person.

Late last summer these bugs began turning up in our apartment. Usually just one or two, easy to remove; no big deal. They’re slow moving when they crawl and use the gift of flight sparingly. We were sure when Fall rolled around, they’d disappear like the tropical temperatures.

Alas, not so.

Instead, these insects are survival artists that just need a little warmth to sustain themselves. In our apartment. All winter. While we do not believe that they have real estate inside, individual bugs turn up daily and we pick them up and toss them out the nearest window. We don’t kill them. They emit a lasting odor if squashed.

A nuisance, not a plague. An inconvenience that raises questions more than alarm. Insects are more likely to survive global warming than humans. I suspect there’s a lesson here.

9 thoughts on “SOL Day #3 The Bug Situation

  1. We live alongside so many small, tiny things that, if ignored, become much larger. I enjoyed your writing and can picture the bugs giving thanks as you release them out the window.


  2. Sounds like Stinkbugs, perhaps? I get them in my classroom now and then. But I’ve read in the past year of more stories of them invading homes. Good luck!


  3. Living in the tropics there are bugs everywhere. I find it harder to be as kind to the insects as you are. Geckos used to freak me out, but now I appreciate their appetite for bugs. Glad your bugs are a nuisance, not a plague.

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  4. Sounds like what we call “stink bugs.” When bugs enter my house, I’m not as forgiving as you…. because they usually signal their friends to follow. When they show up in my bedroom on my clothes, I call them a plague! (recent experience with some sort of wood beetle… and it’s freezing outside, really?) Happy Sunday!


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