SOL 2019!! I made it!

Welcome, Slicers!

Let me be honest right away: March 1st on a Friday was almost enough to throw me off right out of the gate. Start something sustainable on a Friday? Are you kidding? But I’m here. I made it. Let the unbroken stream of posts begin! Let my habit of commenting be lifted beyond due diligence. Let me savor the variety and serendipity that will find me in this month of transitions.

Because I know a little of what awaits me, I’ll use this post to do a bit of planning. Possible topics I might want to broach this month:

The current bug situation in our home.

piles of books accumulating around my writing space.

The idea of applying for a writing retreat for real writers.

work. (Like just that word)

what other slicers write about

stuff that happened.

what I’m learning

what I’m not learning (apparently).

laundry (I never write about laundry, so there’s that)

This may also be my way of saying: You have been warned. Have a great March, Slicers. Let’s go!

14 thoughts on “SOL 2019!! I made it!

  1. Thanks for your lighthearted start to SOL. Enjoyed your list of possible topics.
    I was immediately intrigued by your bug situation at home – do you have a cat, and if so is your kitty entertained endlessly by these critters? Then my mind started wandering, can I post a Slice of a life from the viewpoint of my cat . . .

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  2. “piles of books” — I know that feeling! You’ve already got a lot of topics ready to go — happy happy writing! (And can’t wait to read about those books!)


  3. Hi Sherri, I also compiled a list. I know there are stories behind each item. I look forward to hearing more about your laundry…I’m sure there’s a story in there somewhere. Happy writing.

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  4. Sherri, I’ve been looking forward to greeting you here this month after the kind shout out on Twitter a few days ago. 🤗 I might steal a few of those ideas from your list, and I sure know the Friday derailment dilemma. I share your sentiments. Happy writing!

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  5. It does seem confusing to start something new on a Friday! I have no clue what I will write about this month, but I like your list of topics. I was just researching writing retreats yesterday (didn’t find what I was looking for–though I don’t know what that is exactly, but I think I’ll know it when I see it). I don’t think I have ever written about laundry before but you know, it just might make a slice. Who knows where the month will take us? Glad to be writing alongside you again!


  6. Oh Sherri! I love your “Blogger’s Prayer”! May we all write as melodically as you and see inspiration with each new glance. Thanks for getting me connected with this challenge! This is gonna be FUN!

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  7. I am filing away some of these ideas. Thank you! These words are inspiring indeed, “Let the unbroken stream of posts begin! Let my habit of commenting be lifted beyond due diligence. Let me savor the variety and serendipity that will find me in this month of transitions.”

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  8. So happy to know I wasn’t the only one struggling with a Friday post–and thinking of making a list of topics so I don’t stare at the keyboard for precious minutes every day! Thank you for breaking the ice with your candid post. And to some exciting Friday writing in the future!

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